download mygcc

the customizable gcc compiler


As a derivate of gcc, mygcc is distributed under GPL license (the same version as GCC). It has been submitted as a gcc patch for the main trunk and is waiting for approval to become (hopefully) part of the standard gcc release. Until then, we distribute a current snapshot in full source and as an executable for the Linux/x86 platform. Currently, the patch is maintained within the "graphite" development branch of gcc.

Note: Several versions of mygcc are available below for historical reasons, but only the most recent version is maintained, and installation instructions may not apply to older versions.


If you download the source distribution, follow the standard gcc installation procedure (see the gcc site for more help).
To install the precompiled checking compiler, unpack the downloaded (binary) archive in a directory $MYGCC of your choice. You are now ready to run your first checking example:

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